Martina Björk

has been working as an upper secondary school teacher teaching Latin and Swedish, and has a PhD in Latin at the University of Lund, Sweden. Her main instrument is her voice, and she has taken courses in singing, piano and organ playing, and good practise in ensemble playing. She is working as a university teacher and church musician.

The early music is near to her heart and she has achieved a vast experience in the performance of ancient music.

Martina is the singer in Luren.
Leif Andersson

has a degree from Malmö Academy of Music in Sweden. Leif plays a great number of different double reed instruments. He is also the Dulcimer player in Luren.

Furthermore, Leif is also arranging much of the music for Luren.

He is also a skilled instrument maker and has made lutes, fiddles,harps,hurdy-gurdy and dulcimers.
Anders Holtsberg

has a PhD in Mathematical Statistics and has a great experience of ancient music and folk music.

In addition he is also an experienced rock musician.

Anders plays fiddle, baroque violin, cittern and mandora.
Per Bolin

is a Speech Therapist and a skilled viola player. Per has many years of experience in symphony orchestra and chamber orchestra.

Another feature is his interest in playing several brass instruments.

Per plays fiddle, viola, crumhorn and sackbut in Luren.
Eva Sahlin

has a degree from Ingesund Academy of Music Arvika Sweden and Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Basel Switzerland.

In Basel Eva studied recorder playing and performance practice of ancient music for Hans-Martin Linde.

In Luren she plays recorders of all sizes.
Karin Palm-Lindén

is an architect and researcher.

She is also an experienced viol player and participates in several renaissance and baroque consorts. Karin has participated in master classes for Jaap ter Linden and Erin Headley.

In Luren Karin is playing descant viol, bass viol and fiddle.
Margareta Ågren

is a music teacher and a highly skilled organ and harpsichord player.

Besides a degree from Malmö Academy of Music in Sweden, Margareta has also studied organ playing for Marie Claire Alain and Grethe Krogh.

In Luren she is playing harp, virginal and crumhorn.
Lars Sjölin

has a degree in Electronic Engineering.

In Luren he is playing recorders, several different reed instruments and odd instruments like vessel-flute and cornetto. Lars is self-taught but has participated in Master Classes led by Claes Pehrson, Dan Laurin and Kees Boeke.

Lars is arranging a lot of the music for Luren.

At the moment he is also the consort's main percussionist.