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Luren was founded february 1979 by a group of musicians experienced and interested in studying and and performing early music. The number of members have changed over time, but since the 1990s the number of members have been eight.

The short name "Luren" is a combination of the capital letters in LUnds RENässansensemble. Luren in Swedish means "The Horn", and consequently a horn can be seen in our logo.

Luren has played in concerts all over the south of Sweden and in Denmark. We have also participated in the Medieval Week in Gotland at two occasions giving concerts.

We like to work with other ensembles. Specially, we would like to emphasise two productions with the choir Lunda Röster from Lund.Together we have made two medieval church productions with the program In Dulci Jubilo (see Current programs).

Luren has lately focused on uniting the many traditions which have influenced European music from the Middle Ages by bridging the gap between ancient and now living musical traditions specially in the Middle East and Balkan.

Luren performs on instrument such as harp, hurdy-gurdy, cimbalom or dulcimer, shawms, curtail, bagpipe, recorders, cittern, mandora, fiddles, viols, crumhorns, the Swedish "spilåpipa", vessel flute and many kinds of percussion instruments. Naturally, the foremost of all instruments, the human voice, has an important role.
Current programs.

In Dulci Jubilo
Christmas music from the collections Cancionero de Upsala, Pie Cantiones and Llibre Vermell de Monserrat.

Halleluja and Halling
This program illustrates the many similarities between folk music and church music irrespective of time and place. It contains music from Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland and Spain. From the music we are tempted to conclude that people may have travelled quite a lot in Europe, taking music with them back to their native countries.

Sephardic Diaspora
Music from the sephardic diaspora i.e music from the jewish communities which were formed by the sephardic jews around the Mediterranean after the expulsion from Spain in 1492.

Scandinavian folk musik
The program contains chorales from the old Swedish settlement "Gammalsvenskby" in Ukraine. We join these chorales with corresponding chorales found in the provins Skåne, the most southern part of Sweden. Furthermore we perform Norwegian medieval ballads, songs from Malung in middle Sweden, "polska" by the famous folk musician Byss-Kalle to name a few. The music is played on our early instruments which will give the music a special flavour. Of course, the human voice has an important role in the program.


Music from the time of wars, plague and pilgrimages in Europe. Recorded in 2000.

Halleluja and Halling
Se above. Recorded in 2007